COVID News & Updates



At Davies Tractors we are committed to ensure that we have a safe environment and workplace for our staff and customers, therefore we continue to follow government guidelines, and update these once new announcements are made.

Can we please ask that all of our visitors wear a mask or face covering when visiting our property or entering our office and to use the hand sanitiser provided.

Any parts that are to be collected will be placed in a location that is safe for you, away from others, and this also applies to any goods being delivered or parts for repair being left with us.Please can we ask that you leave these outside on arrival and we will bring them into the workshop for repair.

We encourage that any call outs, for the workshop, are kept to a minimum and where possible we ask that customer's bring in their vehicle to limit the amount of time our staff are on customer's properties.

Please remember the Hands - Face - Space rule and help beat the spread of this virus.If you are unsure of anything can we suggest you ring the office on 01434 682682 to discuss any issues you may have.