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Great British Engineering.

Chapman Machinery design, manufacture & distribute high quality agricultural and equestrian products across the UK and Europe, offering fantastic value-for-money without compromising on product quality or specification.

The products offered by Chapman Machinery are designed and built in the UK to exacting standards, where experience backed by innovative design results in high quality machinery.

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Chapman ST150 Stock Trailer £1100 + VAT (prices from)

Chapman ST150 Stock Trailer
  • Small livestock trailer. Internal body size 1.53m x 1.02m
  • Solid folded steel sides with laser cut perforations
  • Flotation tyres 22x11x8" and swivel hitch
  • Aluminium treadplate floor
  • Ramp tailgrate with integral door
  • For use with cars, light vehicles and ATV's
  • Picture for illustrative purposes only
  • Added options available: mud guards (+£120+VAT), lamb partition (+£80+VAT) and 25x13x9" oversized tyres (+£125+VAT)

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Chapman Bale Transporter BT500 £2200 + VAT (prices from)

Chapman Bale Transporter BT500
  • 900kg Capacity for max bale size 1.5m x 1.5m (5'x5')
  • Electric lift winch as standard with wireless remote control
  • Twin Pivoting Axle 22x11x8" tyres as standard
  • Robust galvanised steel chassis
  • On board battery option for conversion to self powered machine for an additional £250+VAT
  • Designed for use behind ATV, UTV or 4x4 off road only, the low ground pressure and relatively light weight of the BT500 allows you to travel easily over rough or wet ground for feeding out-wintered stock
  • The BT500 is excellent for transporting bales where a tractor is not available or the ground is too wet for such a heavy machine
  • Can be used on small holdings and equestrian yards where a tractor is not available, allowing round bales to be used in place of small square bales at a considerable cost saving

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Chapman TF350 Trailed Sheep Snacker £2050 + VAT (Prices from)

Chapman TF350 Trailed Sheep Snacker
  • 350L capacity livestock feeder / sheep snacker
  • 22x11x8" tyres, mudguards and PVC tonneau cover
  • Electric operation and digital counter
  • Fully galvanised steel chassis and hopper are heavy duty but light to tow
  • 300mm (12") ground clearance
  • Added option to add upgraded oversize flotation tyres (25x13x9") and wheels for improved ground clearance (+£125+VAT)
  • Added option to add a Nudge Bar to deflect livestock when feeding (+£100+VAT)
  • Perfect for feeding sheep or cattle behind a ATV, UTE or 4x4
  • Easy to tow
  • Other added extras can include: twin axles (+£600+VAT), extension sides to increase capacity to 550L (+£100+VAT), road legal version with LED lights, 20.5x8x10" tyres and suspension axles (+£600+VAT) or additional control box including wiring (+£350+VAT)

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Chapman MG250 Arena Leveller £1900 + VAT (Prices from)

Chapman MG250 Arena Leveller
  • 2.3m working width, levelling reversible perimeter blade
  • Fully galvanised heavy duty construction
  • 14 spring tines
  • 22x11x8" large tyres for easy and smooth towing
  • Perfect for levelling and grading all types of equestrian riding surfaces in arenas and sandschools.
  • Can be towed behind almost any vehicle equipped with a 50mm ball & pin hitch
  • Added options of a rear roller for a one pass finish. Highly recommended for large arenas.
  • Also available: 3 Point Linkage Mounted (+£150+VAT), for use on compact or mid-sized tractors.

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Chapman TH200 Tine Harrow £2200 + VAT

Chapman TH200 Tine Harrow
  • 2.0m working width
  • 40 8mm Harrow Spring Tines over 4 rows
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Ground clearance 170mm
  • 12v electric lift actuator for raising and lowering times from remote switch
  • Height adjustable draw-bar for different tow ball heights
  • Good quality 19x7x8" tyres for easy towing
  • Ideal For ATV, UTV farm quad or small compact tractor or 4x4

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Chapman RM Rotary Mower £3000 + VAT (prices from)

Chapman RM Rotary Mower
  • RM120 (£3000+VAT) or RM150 models (£3200+VAT)
  • Cutting width 1.2m (RM120) - 1.5m (RM150)
  • Cutting height 25-2000mm
  • Triple Rotor RPM 2500 to give the optimum cut
  • 3 blades
  • 13hp Honda Engine
  • Easy cutting height adjustment
  • Offset drawbar can be left and right
  • 19x7x8" tyres
  • Can be upgraded from recoil start to electric start for an additional £450+VAT

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Chapman FM120 Flail Mower £4900 + VAT (prices from)

Chapman FM120 Flail Mower
  • 1.2m working width
  • Powerful 21hp Honda V twin engine with 3 year warranty
  • Electric start engine
  • Unique double helix flail rotor, precision balanced for smooth operation
  • Wheels to side or trailing, tyres 22x11x8"
  • Steel Y Flails
  • Automatic belt tension reducing maintenance by compensating for belt wear and belt loading
  • Twin belt drive with centrifugal clutch for easy starting
  • Engine mounted controls
  • Added options include Breaker Bar - to deflect vegetation (+£100+VAT), Twin Axle (+£600+VAT) and Cutter Bar - to increased mulching and decrease chop size (+£100+VAT)
  • This FM120 can be upgraded to 'Pro' specific as above plus, 23hp Honda Fuel Injected V Twin, Oil Cooled and has hardened hammer flails and Double Fly Weight Clutch

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Chapman MF350 Mounted Feeder £1800 + VAT (prices from)

Chapman MF350 Mounted Feeder
  • 350L capacity Livestock Feeder / Sheep Snacker
  • Designed for UTV Bed Mounting
  • Electronic operation and digital counter
  • Fully Galvanised, robust construction
  • PVC Tonneau Cover
  • Adjustable Discharge Chute
  • Perfect for feeding sheep or cattle on a UTV
  • Additional extras include: additional control box with wiring included (+£350+VAT) or extension sides to increase capacity to 550L (+£100+VAT)

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Chapman PC120 Paddock Cleaner £4700 + VAT (prices from)

Chapman PC120 Paddock Cleaner
  • 1.2m working width
  • 6.5hp Honda GX200 Electric Start Engine
  • Quality Spring Tines
  • 550ltr electric emptying hopper with remote tipping mechanism
  • Large diameter tyres for easy and smooth towing
  • Single axle for easy manoeuvrability behind a quad, UTV or 4x4 that has a 50mm ball or pin hitch
  • Remote throttle for use behind a Quad (+£50+VAT)

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Chapman W240 Weed Wiper £2700 + VAT (prices from)

Chapman W240 Weed Wiper
  • 2.3m working width
  • Mounted 55ltr tank, pump and hand-lance
  • 200mm (8") diameter carpet roller
  • Unique electric drive system eliminates dripping, operating at 30rpm
  • Narrow 19x7x8" flotation tyres for low ground pressure without transferring chemical or striping
  • Easy to operate
  • Additional extra's available include: upgrade to brush applicator for a more precise application (+£750+VAT) or an additional control box with wiring (+£350+VAT)

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